Tezukuri Miso

Although the idea of making miso may seem intimidating, it is really much simpler than you might imagine. I encourage you to take the plunge because w...
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Tezukuri Miso

Flank Steak with Carrot Top Pesto

This is a simple, fabulous dinner: I just have to buy steak, carrots with the greens, and some fresh thyme. The other stuff I usually have on hand. I ...

Carrot Top Pesto

I’ve never bought carrots without the greens since I discovered how to make this (you have to blanch the greens first or the pesto is too grassy). Be ...

Carrot Jam

This recipe is adapted from Putting Food By. I’ve altered the flavorings to make the jam less spicy. Carrot jam is wonderful with cheeses and great on...

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